Marketing & Branding

A southern renaissance story (modernity of southern food, if you will) is the story being marketed through Pine State Biscuits. Authentic cuisine paired with contemporary food movement and values. Through authenticity, the spectacle of the food, the atmosphere, and value, Pine State is able to market this southern renaissance to its customers. Brian says through brand manifesto and interviews with various media outlets looking the generate their own content, the restaurant makes its southern roots known. Brian says the focus on a few certain marketing elements such as social media is key,  but the majority of their marketing is organic. By focusing on the quality of the food and experience they drive perpetual marketing through magazines and TV shows that want to showcase their brand. The best part is that this marketing comes at no cost to Pine State. The uniqueness of the restaurant essentially markets itself. Pine State has been featured on many TV shows, websites, and magazines. Their break through in the media came when Pine State was featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives”.

This video markets the Pine State experience in almost every way possible. It highlights the authenticity, the traditional southern foods, the contemporary food values, and the overall southern culture that accompanies the Pine State brand. Pine State’s has been featured in many local online publications and magazines and has continued to grow and can now be seen in Timeout America, and is ranked as one of the best breakfast restaurants in America! Pine State has essentially marketed itself because of the niche it occupies in the Portland food scene.

Key concepts: authenticity, modernity, progress



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